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The Garden of Gratitude : Rabbi Shalom Arush

The Garden of Gratitude : Rabbi Shalom Arush

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The Garden of Gratitude by Rabbi Shalom Arush (original in Hebrew as SheArav BeToda) and translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody is an ever-so-bright spiritual light that is guaranteed to illuminate your life in a way you can't begin to imagine. This book is the next step up the ladder of inner peace and self-realization from Rabbi Shalom Arush's multi-million copy international best-seller, The Garden of Emuna.

The Garden of Gratitude explains how to make a quantum leap in your personal and spiritual growth – through gratefulness! The attribute of gratitude is a prerequisite to true happiness and success in all of our interpersonal relations, especially marriage.

Author: Rabbi Shalom Arush | Language: English | Publisher: Chut Shel Chessed Institutions | Pages: 380 | Volumes: 1 Binding: Soft |

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