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The Guide to Serving G-d : Rabbeinu Avraham ben HaRambam

The Guide to Serving G-d : Rabbeinu Avraham ben HaRambam

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A jewel in the crown of the Feldheim Torah Classics Library! This awe-inspiring work written in Judaeo-Arabic and completed around the year 1230 by the illustrious son of the Rambam, Rabbeinu Avraham, is now available in English translation with a facing Hebrew version of the original text. Famed for his appointment as Ra'is al-Yahud, leader of the Jews, at the age of eighteen, Rabbeinu Avraham was the undisputed leader of the Jewish people of his time. In this masterpiece, he directs the reader in how to attain the level of "chasid", a person who strives to go beyond the minimal requirements of the law to experience a strong sense of closeness and intimacy with God. Crafting this clear and brilliant English translation was a formidable challenge, and one that the translator devoted many years to undertake successfully. This treasure has remained hidden until now, but we are privileged to receive it in our own times-glittering with wisdom and purity, authored by a saintly scholar whose powerful words can help us change and refine the course of our own lives. With a fascinating biography of Rabbeinu Avraham, extensive footnotes, a citation index of the text, as well as an index of references the author makes to the works of his father, the Rambam.

ISBN: 978-158330-981-0,Weight: 2.4625 lbs,Binding: Hard Cover / 650 pages ,Published by: Feldheim Publishers,

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