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The Journey From Tear to Repair

The Journey From Tear to Repair

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Of the 150 various chapters in the Book of Psalms, at times of illness and crisis, we are directed toward 32 specific psalms that shadow us in challenge, and encourage us to find the expressive hand of God, even in despair. The essays, written by Rabbi Raphael Butler, gives further voice to the messages of King David. Using various commentaries as our source, he has integrated contemporary life experiences into the timeless messages of King David.

Through the artistry of Stan Lebovic, the essays come to life in a unique and masterful manner. Each psalm is accompanied by original art that reflects the message of the psalm, as well as a Page of Reflections, wherein we all become writers, interpreting for ourselves in our own personal moment of challenge, how David ’s encouragement speaks to each one of us.

This book is designed to give us the strength, hope and determination, when we are faced with challenges in life, as well as develop closeness with God.

ISBN #: 9781602040229, ,,Format: Hardcover , ,Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / ,, Weight: 1.5 LBS, ,Published By: Khal Publishing, ,Release Date: 06/05/2015

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