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The Kosher Kitchen - A Practical Guide

The Kosher Kitchen - A Practical Guide

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Rabbi Binyomin Forst is a master at explaining halachah in a readable, understandable, and practical manner. In The Kosher Kitchen he explains the basic principles of kashrus and their practical ramifications, showing us how to avoid problematic situations and how to recognize halachic questions and ask them correctly.

This beautiful gift edition features: Magnificent two color printing, art quality acid free paper, deluxe padded cover, head-gilded pages, and a ribbon marker.

Among the many topics discussed:

A utensil-by-utensil overview of the kitchen
The special status of parve foods in halachah
Common kashrus problems - recognizing, avoiding, and dealing with them
Microwaves, ovens and dishwashers
Non-Jewish housekeepers and cleaning help
The parameters of Pas Akum, Chalav Akum, and Gevinas Akum
Kashering utensils
A comprehensive “tevilah” chart showing which utensils need immersion

By: Rabbi Binyomin Forst | Publisher: Artscroll-Mesorah | Pages: 575 | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 6 inch. x 9 inch. |

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