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The Kuzari (Compact, 1 Volume), Hardcover

The Kuzari (Compact, 1 Volume), Hardcover

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In Defense Of The Despised Faith

In the 12th century, Yehuda HaLevi authored a classic of world literature when he developed a vibrant dialogue between a Jewish scholar and a ruler from the kingdom of Khazar. The book, published in Arabic, was called The Kuzari, and it addresses a series of theological, philosophical, and ideological concerns posed by the Khazar king. Among the topics discussed: comparing the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths, the history of the world, origins of the Jewish nation; how God interacts with the physical world, Israel and the nations, the concept of Sabbath, the World to Come, faith, prophecy, astrology, proofs for the existence of a soul, the human intellect, free will, and more. This edition of The Kuzari offers an accurate, easy-to-read translation of the text along with incisive commentary, an extensive biography of Yehuda HaLevi, and a history of the original Khazar kingdom. The result is a richly-rewarding learning opportunity – one that provides a compelling look at timely answers to timeless questions as they relate to the human condition in a modern world. Compact edition.

by: Rabbi N Daniel Korobkin I Translator : Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin I Dimensions : 5" x 6.8" I ISBN 978-159826-961-1 I Number of pages : 723 I Binding type : Compact Hard Cover I Publisher : Feldheim Publishers

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