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The Laws Of Outreach

The Laws Of Outreach

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This is not a book of practical halachah. The goal of this most unique sefer is to offer insight and context to those involved in Jewish outreach, whether as kiruv professionals or laypeople who invite non-observant guests into their homes.

The mitzvos central to reaching out to the non-affiliated have been explained by many poskim. Yet, the laws of kiruv are not easily accessible.

This book attempts to collect, organize, and make sense of issues relevant to outreach so that those involved in it will have a better sense of what to do — and what to ask. Major halachic and hashkafic issues are addressed in a clear, comprehensive, and though-provoking manner. This impressive work is a must for anyone involved in Jewish outreach.

Rabbi Avraham Edelstein is the Education Director of Neve College for Women. He was a founder and director of the Ner LeElef Institute and is the founder of and executive mentor to Olami, the worldwide network of Jewish outreach organizations for students and young professionals. He is a widely respected authority on Jewish education and outreach.

by : Rabbi Avraham Edelstein I ISBN 9781946351678 I Dimensions 6X9 I Number of pages 450 I Publisher Mosaica Press

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