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The Little Midrash Says - Treasure Chest

The Little Midrash Says - Treasure Chest

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A Delightful Collection of True Stories from our Sages.
The stories of our Sages provide a wonderful vehicle for entertaining our children while instilling in them timeless Torah views and values.
In contrast to the self-love endorsed by secular society, we want our children to acquire good midos (character traits), including love of kindness, respect for parents and teachers, and self-control. Torah and mitzvos are our priority. Rather than faith in man, we teach trust in Hashem.
This collection, which includes many beloved classics, as well as Midrashim from uncommon sources, greatly aids parents and educators in reaching this goal. Written with warmth and flair, it is enhanced by the charming artwork of Bracha Merel, which adds to the reader's pleasure.
These inspirational stories will remain in the hearts and minds of our youngsters for years and years to come. Enjoy!

~~~ Please look inside.

By: Rabbi Moshe Weissman | pages: 263 | Language: English| Volumes: 1| Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 8 1/2 inch. x 11 inch. |For ages 8 and up

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