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The Midrash Rabbah - On Megillath Esther

The Midrash Rabbah - On Megillath Esther

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This beautiful translation of the popular, groundbreaking word--the Midrash Rabbah Hamevo'ar on Megillas Esther, is sure to enlighten, elucidate, and breathe new life into the words of the megillah. Clearly written and beautifully bound, this innovative work contains the entire Midrash in Hebrew and English, together with a lucid, line-by-line explanation of the text--drawn from standard commentaries in the Vilna and Warsaw editions.

~~~ Please look inside.

Publisher: Midrash Rabbah Ha'mevoar Institute | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 509 | Binding: Hard |out of print

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