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The Mystery of Kaddish : Rabbi DovBer Pinson

The Mystery of Kaddish : Rabbi DovBer Pinson

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The Mystery of Kaddish is an in-depth and Kabbalistic exploration into the Mourner's Kaddish Prayer. Throughout Jewish history, there have been many rites and rituals associated with loss and mourning, yet none have prevailed quite like the Mourner's Kaddish Prayer - which has become the definitive ritual of mourning. The Mystery of Kaddish explores the source of this prayer and deconstructs the meaning to better understand the grieving process and how the Kaddish prayer supports and uplifts the bereaved through their own personal journey to healing.

,By: Rabbi DovBer Pinson | Publisher: Iyyun Publishing | Pages: 46 | Volumes : 1 | Format: Soft Cover | ISBN: 978090985201104 | Dimensions: 5.25 inch. X 8.5 inch. |

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