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The Ramban's Letter - An Eleven Step Program

The Ramban's Letter - An Eleven Step Program

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After his exile from Spain for his defense of Judaism, the great Ramban (Nachmanides) sent this letter to his son. The letter which many recite weekly gives a blueprint for an ethical life as timely today as it was then. The Ramban guarantees anyone who follows the course set forth in his letter, that his prayers will be accepted and will merit Olam Haba.

This composition includes insights by Dr. Elyokim Getzel Ross for refining one's character thru an "Eleven Step Program".

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By: Dr. Elyokim Getzel Ross | Publisher: Machon Metzger | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 227 | Binding: Hard |Only 1 in Stock

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