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The Rashi Challenge

The Rashi Challenge

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Test Your Knowledge of Rashi’s Commentary with the Ultimate Parashah Q&A.

Think you know Chumash & Rashi?

Everyone loves the challenge posed by brief, intriguing questions and answers, and everyone – at home or in class, on Shabbos or during the week – will find plenty of stimulating material here to keep you turning pages of Chumash throughout the year.

Organized according to the weekly parashah, questions appear at the beginning and answers, along with their sources, appear at the end of every parashah. Whether you’re well-versed in Chumash & Rashi, or a newer student, you will thoroughly enjoy THE RASHI CHALLENGE.

3,000 Questions for the Shabbos Table and Everyday Review Challenge Rashi’s Commentary with the Ultimate Parashah Q&A

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