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The Soncino Talmud

The Soncino Talmud

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The complete text of the Talmud on CD-Rom.

Windows/Mac CD
A Davka classic, the Soncino Talmud on CD-ROM is an incredible study tool that brings the world of the Talmud as close as your PC or Mac.

No longer must you laboriously slog through difficult passages in the original Hebrew and Aramaic. Use the Soncino Talmud on CD-ROM to look up words, phrases, and subjects and get results immediately. Print them out, or save them in a word processor.
This incredible study tool includes all 18 volumes of the renowned Soncino Press English version of the Talmud, the original Hebrew and Aramaic text of the Talmud, and Rashi's commentary (Hebrew only). This incredible CD also includes the Hebrew and English text of the Tanakh, and Rashi's commentary on Chumash (Hebrew only).
Windows Requirements: PC with Windows 3.1 or Higher, 4 MB RAM,CD-Rom drive.
Mac Requirements: Macintosh with 4 MB RAM, and CD-Rom drive.

Publisher: Davka Corporation & Soncino Press | Language: English - Hebrew |

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