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Thru Fire and Water

Thru Fire and Water

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Why did Rebbe Nachman's followers never chose another rebbe? How has the Breslov Movement survived and flourished for over 180 years without a dynasty of rebbes? To find the answer, meet Reb Noson,Rabbi Noson Sternhartz (1780-1844), Rebbe Nachman's closest disciple, who devoted his life to bringing the Rebbe's message of faith, hope and joy out into the world. As a young rabbinic scholar, and an astute businessman as well, what made Reb Noson feel his life was empty and futile? What drove him to rebel against his family in order to follow Rebbe Nachman? What powered him to singlehandedly print the Rebbe's books and fire a new generation of chassidim in the face of relentless persecution, a gruesome assassination attempt, and a campaign to have him sent to Siberia? This thoroughly-researched biography will keep you absorbed for hours as you relive Reb Noson's life with him step by step. Includes full background information, appendices, maps and indices.

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By: Chaim Kramer | Publisher: Breslov Research Institute | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 779 | Binding: Hard |

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