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Titanic 2 - The Secret Is Revealed

Titanic 2 - The Secret Is Revealed

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The Amazing Interwoven Backstory of The "Unsinkable" Wallas Family
In the first volume of Titanic, we read the incredible story of Moshe, the simple village boy who made it big, strayed far from the path of Torah, and then made a complete turnaround on board the Titanic. But the background to that story is even more remarkable! Here, in Titanic 2, the intricate weave of the strands of astonishing hashgachah pratis reveals the full story of Moshe's past - of a family flung apart in tragedy, yet attached in unforeseen ways, overcoming adversity and impossible odds to become leaders in avodas Hashem. Read on and discover the secret of the amazing interwoven backstory of the "unsinkable" Wallas family!

Author : Avraham Ohayon I Published by: Distributed by Feldheim I Dimensions: 8.5X11 I Binding: Hard Cover 91 pages I ISBN: 9781680253573

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