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Torah Anthology Vol. 23 : Shmuel II (Samuel II)

Torah Anthology Vol. 23 : Shmuel II (Samuel II)

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The Book of Samuel II picks up where Samuel I left off. It begins with the transference of Israel's leadership to its second and eternal king, David. In fact, this entire work is devoted to events that transpired during the forty years of David's rule. It was written to make known the kindnesses and miracles which G-d performed for David, including the miraculous ways in which He brought about his ascent to the throne and then protected him in the face of powerful enemies from within and without. At the same time, all that Scripture relates here has everlasting relevancy. We turn to it not just as a record of events, but as an eternal teaching and an everlasting source of inspiration.

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By: Rabbi Shmuel Yerushalmi | Publisher: Moznaim | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 537 | Binding: Hard |

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