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Touro University: Medical Halachah Annual, Volume 2

Touro University: Medical Halachah Annual, Volume 2

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Presenting the definitive exploration of timeless wisdom applied to modern medicine, Mosaica Press, in association with Touro University and New York Medical College, proudly unveils the second volume of Medical Halachah Annual: Applying Classic Principles to Contemporary Practice. This edition, edited by the distinguished Dr. Edward Lebovics, ventures further into the profound nexus of traditional Jewish law and today’s pressing medical quandaries.

In a world where technological and ethical boundaries are continuously pushed, this volume offers an indispensable guide through the complexities of issues such as organ transplantation, CRISPR technologies, artificial intelligence, and the impact of legalized marijuana on mental health. It is not merely a journal but a beacon of knowledge that casts light on paths less trodden, exploring the nuances of medical ethics and halachic law.

The contributors to this volume form a diverse and esteemed group of scholars and practitioners, offering a comprehensive and nuanced exploration of each topic. They include Rabbi Dr. Ernest H. Agatstein, Aryeh Berkowitz, Rabbi Dr. Yosef A. Cohen, Rabbi Dovid Heber, Rabbi Aron Jacobsohn, Professor Naomi Klapper, Nachum Lebovics, Rabbi Mordechai Lebhar, Dr. Ariel Felman, Rabbi Dr. Zvi Loewy, Dr. Jonah Rubin, Rabbi Dr. David Shabtai, Rabbi Dr. Jason Weiner, and Rabbi Akiva Willig.

Their collective expertise forms a mosaic of viewpoints, each chapter a gem of wisdom addressing the conundrums posed by new medical technologies and evolving healthcare challenges.

As we stand on the precipice of medical innovation, Medical Halachah Annual bridges the gap between ancient legal principles and contemporary ethical issues. This scholarly work is not only a critical resource for Jewish healthcare providers but also an enlightening read for anyone intrigued by the interplay of faith and science.

Crafted for those who seek to navigate the complex moral landscapes of modern medicine through the lens of halachic perspective, this volume is a testament to the enduring relevance of Jewish law in informing ethical medical practice today. Join us in embracing the dialogue between past and present, ensuring that each generation finds its reflection in the timeless values of halachic tradition. This is not just a publication—it is a conversation extended through time, essential for both the learned scholar and the modern practitioner.

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