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Voice of Jacob, 5 Volumes

Voice of Jacob, 5 Volumes

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An insightful collection of the commentary of the Dubner Maggid on the Megillos. This durable boxed set includes five volumes, one for each of the Chamesh Megillos, that delve into the hidden meanings of each Megillah. Breaking down the Megillos verse by verse, these magnificent translations bring out the Maggid's powerful message, filled with brilliant insights and the engaging parables that are the Maggid's trademark. This set includes The Voice of Weepers (Lamentations), A Voice Shall Sing Forth (Song of Songs), Voice of the Dove (Ruth), Voice of Nobles (Koheles), and Voice of Rejoicing and Salvation (Esther).

By: the Dubner Maggid | Translation By: David M. Zuker | Language: English | Volumes: 5 | Binding: Hard |

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