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We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

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In this book, data from many different areas of existence have been gathered together, and the effort has been made to assemble them into one meaningful picture that will give an answer to the pressing existential questions. What has been done here is similar to the attempts of scien­tists to find a unifying theory that will include all the laws of nature in one formula. In the end, a clear and sharp picture has indeed emerged - an all-encompassing and harmonious picture of a reality that is entirely for the pleasure of the seeker. A picture that unifies all the parts of reality that are comprehended by our senses and beyond them, which gives a deep and clearly defined meaning to the world's creation and man's place within. About the author: Rabbi Adi Cohen is the head of Maagley Yosher educational institutions who has educated hundreds of students over the years. He lectures in Jewish philosophy and has authored Hatzala K'Halacha, Moral Dilemmas and Their Solutions, and The Handbook of Emergency Response According to Jewish Law. He lives with his family near Jerusalem. }}} Please look inside this facsinating book for more information.

By: Rabbi Adi Cohen | Publisher: Maagalaey Yosher | Language: English | Pages: 320 | Volumes: 1 | Binding: Hard | Size: 8.5" X 10.75" |

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