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What's the Halachah? Bereishis - Vayikra

What's the Halachah? Bereishis - Vayikra

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with Rav Zev Smith

Relevant halachos arranged according to the Weekly Parshah

  • May someone open a store in his apartment if other residents of the building claim that the store's customers will make it harder for them to use the stairways and elevators? May a wedding hall be opened (if local zoning laws permit it) in a neighborhood whose residents claim it will increase traffic and make parking more difficult?
  • May a seller refuse to give a refund for a defective item if the buyer does not have the receipt or he has disposed of the packaging? If a store displayed a sign that read, "All sales are final," must its owner take back an item that was found to be defective?
  • If a Jewish-owned vending machine is patronized on Shabbos (by a non-Jew), may the owner keep the money?
  • May Kiddush Levanah be said indoors on a very cold night or by a person who is homebound?
Rav Zev Smith, a renowned maggid shiur for Irgun Shiurei Torah, Dirshu, and other prominent organizations, and Rabbi Dovid Kaiser, an author of Torah works and a maggid shiur in halachah, have teamed up once again to explore over thirty topics in halachah.

Each of these topics, carefully chosen for their importance, relevance, and interest, are discussed clearly and comprehensively, so that the answers to the above questions, and dozens more, become crystallized for the reader. The book has been arranged according to the parshiyos hashavuah, and each chapter is introduced with a captivating dvar Torah that connects the chapter's topic to that week's parshah.

Like its predecessor, this book will do more than just teach you practical halachah; it will open before you the vastness and the beauty of the world of halachah!

By Rabbi Dovid Kaiser

Author: Rav Zev Smith and Rabbid Dovid Kaiser I Dimensions: 6"x9" I Format: Hardcover I ISBN: 979-8-88673-027-2 I Length: 361 I Media: Book I Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications,

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