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Writings of the Ramban -- complete in 1 volume

Writings of the Ramban -- complete in 1 volume

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In addition to his monumental commentary on the Torah, Ramban (Nachmanides) authored many other highly significant works for which he is equally renowned. These writings are eternal testimonies to his brilliance in conveying true Torah thought -- illuminating fundamental principles of our faith, exploring the ultimate meaning in human life, and strengthening our conviction in the ultimate destiny of the Jewish people. These writings have been translated and elucidated by a foremost authority on Ramban, Rabbi Charles B. Chavel. They are truly monumental contributions to those "thirsting for the word of Hashem" and should grace the bookshelves in every Jewish home. Discourse on Rosh Hashanah A rousing call to teshuvah (repentance), with an emphasis on understanding the greater responsibilities of those who dwell in the Land of Israel. Discourse on a Wedding A fascinating work about how man acquires wisdom and improves his character, and highlighting the patterns that pervade all of creation. The Law of the Eternal is Perfect An inspirational and insightful essay on the Torah's eternal values. The Words of Koheles Delivered by Ramban during the festival of Sukkos, just before his departure for the Land of Israel, this speech delves into the themes of the Book of Koheles, as well as an in-depth discussion of the mitzvah of living in the Land of Israel. Letter to the French Rabbis Ramban defends the writings of the Rambam (Maimonides) with astounding force. The Gate of Reward Explores the mysteries of sorrow and pain, struggle and attainment, death, and the fulfillment of life in the World to Come. The Book of Redemption Ramban brilliantly elucidates the various biblical prophecies relating to the future redemption. The Disputation at Barcelona Ramban's fascinating account of his public debate with the apostate Jew, Pablo Cristiani, in which Ramban successfully defended Judaism against the claims of Christianity. Prayer at the Ruins of Jerusalem Ramban composed this heartfelt prayer after his arduous four-year journey from Spain to Israel.

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